Larry Clausen / Ultimate Sacrifices message
Posted Thursday, March 13, 2014 09:05 AM

I want to apologize to everyone, especially Larry Clausen's family. This old man's memories are getting a little blurred, and sometimes I inadvertantly mix and match the best ones. I meant well, and I am still proud of my brotherhood with guys like Larry.

My thanks go out to Reese Kessler, who provided me with a link where I found photos that corrected my faulty memory. Lawrence Christian Clausen attended Boca Ciega High. His senior year picture is displayed in the 1965 Boca Ciega High Treasure Chest yearbook, but I'm not certain whether he graduated or not. Maybe someone can fill in this memory gap for me. I'm not even certain whether he was drafted, or volunteered, as I did.

Being a Vietnam veteran has its own set of memories, too many of them painful. While I wasn't in country, I had many friends who did go and who came home in caskets.

Larry was one of my boyhood friends who made the ultimate sacrifice. That's one memory I can never forget.

Frank Walters Clark

Frank Walters (Clark)