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David Van Leeuwen

David Van Leeuwen

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10/27/09 12:55 PM #1    

Joe Maschino

I knew Dave before I ever started school. We were in Sunday school together, so when I started first grade and saw him in my class it was so nice to start school with someone I knew. Dave was a man of character and honor. I would stand shoulder to shoulder with him in any situation because I would know I was on the right side. The world lost a good energy and light when he left us.

11/21/09 10:03 PM #2    

George Peters

We have all lost a truly wonderful friend. I was lucky enough to run into Dave after NEHI.
I was in Air Force tech school at Lowery AFB in Denver on a cold winter day. I was sleeping on a Saturday morning, wrapped in 2 or 3 blankets on a bottom bunk. The next thing I know is that I'm being dragged out of bed and thrown on the floor. I was "hot"! When I finally got unwrapped from the blankets & looked up, there is Dave standing over me laughing like hell. I will never forget that moment or his smile.
We spent 6 months stationed together. He sure made my stay a great deal better.
I still miss him.
George Peters

10/01/10 12:30 AM #3    

Tom Cade

Dave was a great guy. I got to know him better after high school though.

He was dating Terry Knoll who lived up the street from me. Later married her.

Dave and I would lift weights some times. No way I could keep up with him.

We used to poach Snook,(state game fish) skin diving under the Bayboro Coast Guard ships at dock.

After we would spear them we were pretty nervous about hauling the catch back to the car.

My 61 Corvair or his 57 Chevy. The Fish and Game office was a block away!

Dave went to work for the Pinellas Co. Sherriff .I knew other people who worked there and Dave was highly respected.

When he made Detective, Dave used to carry a Smith and Weston 44 magnum just like Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry..

When he would haul that out of his suit jacket it was impressive.

A week after Susan had our daughter Alysha we all were going down Siminole Blvd. and Dave pulls up in the Sherriff, car.

Susan held up the baby for him to see. Next thing I know he has the flashers going and pulls us over to get a better lock at the baby and congratulate us.1976.

I am very sorry that I didn't stay in touch with him. He is MISSED!



09/13/15 10:01 AM #4    

Barbara Metcalf (Bartlett)

I remember Dave.  He was a terrific baseball player.   When we would pick teams in elementary school, he was always one of the first to be chosen.  It is sad to know he passed away at such an early age.   I enjoyed all the great things other classmates wrote about him.  My husband knew him.  I don't believe they ever played on the same little league team, but he definitely knew who he was.   Barbara Metcalf Bartlett

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