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Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

Maryann passed away on November 6, 2020 due to congestive heart failure.

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11/13/20 02:12 PM #9    

Cheryl Crabb (Watkins)

I was so sorry to hear about Maryann!  From all your posts, you didn't seem to have all the aches and pains that the rest of us suffer.  Y'all were supposed to live forever!  Hugs and prayers.

11/14/20 10:47 AM #10    

Suzanne Smithson (Hartline)

Suzanne Smithson Hartline's difficult to believe what I am reading ... May I ask ? Her cause of death ? And like you said ..."others try to understand... " But no words or thoughts are sufficient. Just know that your friends and Mary Ann's ... We are holding you in our hearts. My prayer is for comfort and  peace for you and your family. suzanne (sue Smithson)

11/14/20 01:00 PM #11    

Judy Roman (Calderon)

My sincere condolences, Bill.  I remember Maryann.  So beautiful.  So sweet.  A fitting role for her now, as God's angel.  Peace and comfort to you.  - Judy Roman Calderon

11/14/20 09:09 PM #12    

Marcia Smith (Conrad)

I am so sorry to hear of Maryann's passing. Please accept my condolences for you and your family. And may Maryann rest in peace.


11/14/20 09:59 PM #13    

Kathy Huber (Hughes)

Bill, my thoughts and prayers for you and the family.

11/15/20 09:53 AM #14    

Gloria Bratton (Emerson)

This is very sad news; I'm so very sorry, Bill.

11/16/20 06:30 AM #15    

Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

Miss you every hour of every day my loving soulmate Mary Ann. Love Bill Rodriguez

11/17/20 11:38 AM #16    

Bonnie Dawson (Moody)

So sorry for your loss Bill. Maryann was special sweet lady. 


11/19/20 03:40 PM #17    

Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

Once again thank you all for your kind words of Mary Ann's passing. I am getting e-mails, cards and phone calls from so many just from the NEHI students that knew her and me. Regards, Bill Rodriguez

07/09/21 12:04 PM #18    

Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

It sure has not gotten any easier as time passes. The fact is it has gotten much worse. She always thought I was her Rock but the truth is she was mine.  The many every day things she did, I must have taken for granted but after having to do all them myself now I have a whole new outlook . For you guys that take what your partner does for you, try doing it all by yourself and then you will understand how strong they really are in mind and body. Even though I thought I was a very loving husband to Mary Ann after looseing her I now realise that I could have done so much more and wish I did. Don't pass up on your chance before it is too late. Please do not take anything for granted. Not even the little things. Love them and enjoy them with all your heart and soul because you soon't get a do over. 

Love and miss you Angel and am waiting to be with you for enternity. Love always Bill

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