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Linda Jeffrey

Linda Jeffrey

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01/25/11 10:26 AM #1    

Maryann Dodge (Rodriguez)

Dear Linda: This is Bill Rodriguez and have been married to Mary Ann (Dodge) Rodriguez for over 45 wonderful years now. Sorry that no one has yet to post some memories of you, but I do remember you and some good times we had. I remember when you had a slumber party for girls only and yet you called me to come over that night.

I had a good time playing some crazy games with all of you. Boy was I out numbered but we did have a ball  just being our selves. I also remember when you came to NEHI one day only wearing a London Fog Coat and that was just too funny until some girl told on you and they sent you home for the day. Kido you were a wild one, but yet a sweet girl and you will not be forgotten. I do not know when or how you passed away, but hope you found peace along the way. Bill Rodriguez

03/29/12 11:37 PM #2    

Timothy Coleman

I remember that story too.  I did not know Linda very well but remember her and so sorry she passed at suck a early age.  This is the first time I am on this site and the first time to to learn about all my class mates passing away.  It is so sad, so sad.

04/10/12 05:55 PM #3    

Jack Wilson

After all these years this still breaks my heart.

07/31/15 03:33 PM #4    

Linda Hoban (Engel)

Linda was such fun. I've been away a long time and can't  belieuve so ma ny of use are gone,



08/01/15 03:50 PM #5    

Barry Hill (Class Of '64)

Linda was my neighbor - 100 steps across the street and around the corner. I think the time was 9th grade. I knocked on her door for some reason and she answered. Her dog came to the door with her and had all its nails colored differently with nail polish! Reds of every shade. Linda cackled and explained that even a small dog deserved to be fashionable. She loved that dog and used to dress it up and have one-sided conversations with it, just as a child would with a doll.

 I hung around a bit with Linda and I think we had minor crushes on one another for a time, but things never hatched beyond being comrades in adolescent absudity and the exchanging of a lot of laughter. We once drove up to the vicinity of Weeki Wachee Springs with some other friends and spent the day in the sun swimming and picnicing. In memory, I can hear her lilting voice and can almost smell the water she's playfully splashing. A happy day in the midst of teenage wanderings. 

I also remember visiting her "all girl" slumber party.  And when I think of Linda, I see a cloud of astonishing hair framing an insuppressible grin. I much enjoyed her company on and off for a period of years. We had a connection of the type that didn't rely on continuous nourishment as our lives diverged, but rather was always ready for more. Ploughing back the years, it's possible still to miss her presence. Indeed, when I heard of her passing many years ago I thought that this place had been abandoned by one of its very good and charitable spirits.

Without hesitation, I wish that my fond memories of her were much more complete.  

Barry Hill  

08/02/15 12:04 PM #6    

Catherine Bond (Mitchell)

I remember Linda wore a bikini under her graduation robe. I believe she committed suicide in 1967.

08/04/15 12:08 AM #7    

Marcia Smith (Conrad)

Yes, I remember we used to have slumber parties over at Linda's house. We always had such a fun time! We miss you, Linda! 


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